ICAFMC Welcomes You

ICAFMC is the International Joint Conference on Materials, the main international gathering of researchers in Materials. The International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials and Composites will be held in Barcelona,Spain in Sept. 2018.

Call For Papers

AFMC intends to cover novel in-situ synthesis approaches of a wide range of functional materials differing by their composition (inorganic or organic solids, hybrids, polymers, composites, etc.), texture (porous or dense) and functionality. Also, AFMC may consider the understanding of the formation mechanism of materials through the development of in-situ complementary experimental tools.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

In-situ synthesis
inorganic and/or organic materials
hybrids composites
multifunctional materials
mechanism of formation
Non ferrous metal material
Iron and steel
High strength alloys
Materials processing and handling
Micro/Nano materials
Optical, Electronic, Magnetic materials
Carbon based materials
Metallurgical science
Metallurgical fundamentals and techniques
New functional materials
New energy materials

Additive manufacturing
Ceramic matrix composites
Concrete and cementitious composites
Interfaces and interphases
Interlaminar reinforcements
Joint and bearing behaviour
Life cycle analysis and sustainability

Mechanical and physical properties
Metal matrix composites
Multifunctional composites
Multiscale modelling
NDE technologies
Polymer matrix composites
Probabilistic approaches and design
Processing and manufacturing technologies
Repair technologies
Structural design
Testing and characterization
Textile composites
Wood and paper

Environmental friendly materials
Earthquake materials and design
Smart and intelligent materials
Intelligent materials systems
Polymeric materials
Thin films
Mechanical behavior and fracture
Tool testing and evaluation of materials
Processing technology for functional materials
Function test and evaluation technology for material analysis